Café Noose


Also As Well Too will soon be launching Café Noose, a new arts publication that uses the form and distribution model of Coffee News to disseminate information and ideas around the visual arts. With Café Noose, our hope is to unbind the accepted and expected publishing ties that choke off the possibilities of art writing. We are looking to make a publication that is prolifically published, experimental, responsive, and meaningful. The two-sided broadsheet will be published as often as possible, will be available in public spaces all over Winnipeg, and will be offered for free. It will also be made available online as a PDF through Also As Well Too’s website, and through email subscription. We hope for this publication to be wide-ranging, multi-voiced, and an engaging read that gets people excited about reading about art again.

We invite submissions from all artists and writers, from emerging to established. We are looking for:
-contemporary exhibition reviews
-historic exhibition reviews
-thought pieces about visual arts and issues related to visual arts
-reviews of studio visits/spotlight on a local artist
-writing as artwork/artwork as writing
-book reviews
-parallel texts/responses
-critical discourse
-experimental writing
-most anything else

We are willing to publish writing that is critical of exhibitions/artworks/ideas if it is thoughtful and well reasoned. However, we will not publish hateful texts or anything that promotes hate or any form of discrimination. Maximum 500 words per submission. If you want to publish something longer, get in touch to discuss it.

At this time, no fees are available for work that is published. However, this is how things get started. We are vociferous and adamant supporters of fair pay for artists where possible and hope that just beginning will allow for successful fundraising and grants to pay artists and writers in the near(ish) future.

Please send submissions to by the end of Sunday, May 6, 2018.