Library Catalogue

Artist Title
adey, bram comfort and other such beasts: the uninspired future
American Association of Patriots, The How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence
Anderson, Joseph It’s the chance you may be waiting for: An artist book in four parts by Joseph Anderson
Anonymous Shmorder Shmossings, 1-3, 5-6
Aquino, Eloisa Claude Cahun
Artist Title
Avalon, Annette The State. Chapter One: How to Look at Art in the 21st Century:
Avalon, Annette The State of Art
Azoulay, Karen Flowers and their Meanings: A guide for deciphering
Balcaen, Jo-Anne Survey for Cultural Workers
Barbour, Carol Slips of Nature
bartholomew, sophia hello, parka v. 1
bartholomew, sophia hello, parka v. 2
bartholomew, sophia Companions to the Body/bodies by-the-sea
bartholomew, sophia & emma hicks SCREEN ECOLOGIES
Beckman, Ericka Game Mechanics
Beggs, Devon Body Pillow
Benning, Sheri & Heather Benning She
Bernhardt, Darren & Cory Wolfe To Kerouac and Back
Birke, Lisa Calendar Girls
Bond, Lindsey Messages To: The Edmonton Remand Centre Newspaper
Bonner, Ben Emergency Membranous Protectivy Fleshy Suit
Bowyer, Peter, Michael Buckland, Stan Dennison, John Dickson & Lyla Rye, Fastwurms, Vera Frenkel, Michelle Gay, Susan Kealey, Robert Lee, Micah Lexier, Sandra Meigs, Bernie Miller, Andy Patton, Jan Peacock, Ed Pien YYZ Box
Boyd, June Sally Slipper
Boyle, Shary & Emily Vey Duke The Illuminations Project
Brask-Tittenberger Still Stories
brown, timothy TIL TAPE
Buchanan Watt, Morgan & Nicholas Pittman Grumpies Exercise Book
Burns, Bill Footprints of Animals Wearing Safety Gear
Burns, Bill Songs of Birds Wearing Safety Gear
Burns, Bill Safety Gear for Small Animals
Burns, Bill Boilersuits for Primates
Burton, Brea puck bruise bloom black
bush, cam; Steven Leyden Cochrane; Roewan Crowe, Paul Robles My Monument
bush, cam; Steven Leyden Cochrane; Roewan Crowe, Paul Robles My Monument (colour version)
Bustin, Susan hunger traces
butch of wpg. La petite mort
Butler, Marian (Curator) draw: a wrapping up
Butler, Marian (Curator) draw: a wrapping up
C. Graham Asmundson & Doug Melnyk The Rat Who Changed the World
Calder, Alison & Jeanette Lynes Ghost Works
Campbell, Jessica Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists
Caseburg, Sharon and Debbie Tyson sleepwalking
Cedar Tavern Singers Greatest Art Hitstory
Cinar, Lisa Hell Passport Vol. 19
Clark, Hilary & Steven Ross Smith Pliny’s Knickers
Clark, Thomas A. On Greta Bridge
Cochrane, Steven Leyden Descriptive Color Names
Cochrane, Steven Leyden Walled Garden
Cochrane, Steven Leyden untitled(?) Newspaper – 12 copies
Cochrane, Steven Leyden Black Hours – 8 copies – for sale
Cochrane, Steven Leyden Screen Wall – 4 copies – for sale
Cochrane, Steven Leyden Dream *That* Was Still Alive
Cook, Meira Taking the Waters
Countache, John, Brenna George, Jen Loewen, Don Rice Pixel Post’s Book of Tales vol. 1 – When fish had fingers…
Countache, John, Brenna George, Jen Loewen, Don Rice Pixel Post’s Book of Tales vol. 2 – Diamonds & Toads
Countache, John, Brenna George, Jen Loewen, Don Rice Pixel Post’s Book of Tales vol. 3 – Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Countache, John, Brenna George, Jen Loewen, Don Rice Pixel Post’s Book of Tales vol. 4 – Angry Fairies
Court, David CV
Cruz, Patrick + Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill Other- Portraits Mixtape
Crysler, Julie Cleaning House
D’Onofrio, Christine Feminist Joke Book edition 2/6
de Haan, Jason There’s Still Nothing New Under the Sun
Decter, Leah and Jaimie Issac (Official Denial) Trade Value in Progress
DeFreitas, Erika “July 8, 2015”
DeFreitas, Erika (left to right, two stacks, one row, the first 28) – 102/120 – 111/120 (FOR SALE – $12 each)
DeFreitas, Erika And Some Times Why (14/50 – 23/50) For sale – $15 each
DeFreitas, Erika A study of collage and shape and colour
DeFreitas, Erika and now to begin as if to begin begin of beginning again and again (in the continuous present with Gertrude Stein)
DeFreitas, Erika very strongly may be sincerely fainting
Dempsey, Shawna ANATOMY OF A NYMPHO maniac
Desearch Repartment Institute for Durational Futures: brought to you by ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY
Devin, Tim Security Cameras Are the New Gargoyles
Dewdney, Christopher Nether Mind
Di Brandt SHE
Dolen, Rebecca Hell Passport Vol. 8: A holiday from hell vacation guide
Doucet Julie Schnitte
Doucet Julie 99 Plus Suicide Projects
Doucet Julie J’aime titre en…
Doucet Julie The Adorable Little School of Art of Canada
Doucet Julie La Revolution
Doucet Julie J’aime
Doyle, Maura There’s A New Boulder in Town
Dudiak, Mark Self-Titled
duPont, Chantal Headstrong All the Way Round
Dyck, Helene untitled
Dykeman, Gillian & Halifax Bike LOVERS BIKE LOVE
Dyment, Dave and Gregory Elgstrand One for me and one to share: Artists’ multiples and editions
Earl, Amanda WELCOME TO EARTH: poem for alien(s)
Earthstory North from Centre
Ehling, Mark I Drove to the City
Electronic character generator Monitoring the Vision Signal
Elliott, Tom while some songs; the settling drifts
Elrick, Michelle; George Elrick and Peter Kralik remember the old log house
Ephemerals, The Trio
Evergon Chez moi: Domestic content
Eyland, Cliff and Guy Maddin UNTITLED “WALL BOOKS”
F.A.G. PDX Femmes Unite
Farahbakhsh, Carmella Galaxies of Pleasure Galaxies of Healing
Fastwurms Alleged Seeing Eye
Fedoruk, Brandy Hell Passport vol. 5
Fellows, Christine Reliquary/Reliquaire
Fenwick, Ray Interview for Five Voices
Fenwick, Ray Library 1
Fenwick, Ray New Titles from Babel Press
Fenwick, Ray Solo for Self-Talk Chamber
Fenwick, Ray WOW
Feyrer, Julia Lost in the Jungle
Filman, Sonya A Measure of All Possibilities
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian National Parks and Services Field Guide to North America
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian National Parks & Services FAQs
Finger in the Dyke Portrait of a Modern Sex Deviant
Finger in the Dyke Mary Medusa: A Testimonial
Finger in the Dyke Handbook of the Junior Lesbian Ranger
Finger in the Dyke Winnipeg: One Gay City – postcards (3)
Finger in the Dyke Bedtime Stories from the Edge of the World
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian Rangers brochures (7)
Finger in the Dyke The Very Short Tale of Little Lezzie Borden
Finger in the Dyke Women’s Performance Project 1995 in Japan – INFORMATION POSTCARD
Finger in the Dyke We’re Talking Vulva postcards (2)
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian Rangers postcard
Finger in the Dyke Bellies
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian National Parks Field Guide to North America
Finger in the Dyke Lesbian National Parks and Services Reorientation Week 2005 pamphlet (3 copies)
Finger in the Dyke Lezzie
Fluker, Seth Dressed for Space
FOOT-TO-FACE What We Go Through: anedotes about everyday trauma caused by casual misogyny
FOOT-TO-FACE Dialogue with absence
FOOT-TO-FACE The Free Space Interview Project Volume 1
Ford, Janet 100 Days of Bulimia
George, Brenna Max & Ruby’s Fortune
Girl Gang Dance Party GGDP Does Winnipeg
girlieprig time in a cylinder
Glawson, Larry and Kegan McFadden Larry Glawson’s home bodies 2008, a response
Gregory, Ken Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns
Groat, Maggie and Jimmy Limit Perpetual Calendar 1916-2166
grondin, vanessa GLITCH
Grosser, Shirley Resilience: Women’s Stories of WWII
Gurney, Janice IN MOONLIGHT, A Treatise on the Translation of Things, Occasioned by a Visit to the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. IN TWO PARTS.
Guy, Grant WALKING and BEING
Guy, Grant Open Fragments: The Theatre of Adhere and Deny 1997-2010
Haby, Gracia Salvaged Relatives, 42/100
HAG Collective HAG (3 issues)
Hancock, Brecken Rose STRUNG
Hanmer, Karen Big Blue, 39/100
hannah_g (curator) Whatever Else
Hartt, David; Nelson Henricks, Micah Lexier, Valier Mrejen, Erin Shirreff book lamp chair: an exhibited library
Hellman, Michel Montreal Mummy
Hendeles, Ydessa Death to Pigs
Higgins, Keith How to Look at a Vancouver Special
Hill, Greg A. Kanata Passport
Hirayama, Masano PYRAMID QUIZ, 38/50
Hortie, Lauren My 1st Lesbian Colouring Book
Hrabliuk, Allison The Prime Rib: The Civilized Steakhouse
Hrincu, Viorica, Melissa Soleski & Erica Wilk
Idia Claod We Came Down From the Trees and We Did This: the graphic observations of an anthro-hack
Irving, Michelle Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others
Irving, Michelle MotorHead
Johanson, Collin A Lesson in Life Drawing
Johnson, Barb Leaf box
Johnson, Glen House Project
Johnson, Glen Ikeanography: Circus Familiaris (2)
Johnson, Glen House Project (3 copies)
Johnson, Glen Persiflage, issues 1-19
Johnson, Glen and Supnet, Leslie The Scientist (for sale – $160)
Johnson, Glen and Supnet, Leslie The Baby (for sale – $160)
Johnson, Glen and Supnet, Leslie What Does Death Look Like? (for sale – $160)
Johnson, Glenn Artistic Licence Handbook and brochures
Johnson, Julie minim
Johnson, Kirsten Songs of Love and Honey
Jolicoeur, Nicole and Jeanne Randolph La Vérité Folle
Josephson-Laidlaw, Erin Gardens – None Too Small (4 copies – for sale  $40 each)
Joy, Lindsay I’ll Cry If I Want To
Kang, Laurie 33 Circles
Keeley, Shelagh Notes on choreography and drawing
Kelly, Kevin Colonizing Oort
Kennedy, Garry Neill CORRECTIONS
Kerslake, Devon A kind of kind of a biography
Kerslake, Devon Some memories about memory
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #5
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #6
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #3
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #4
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #1
Kimiwan Collective Kimiwan Issue #2
Knox, Liz Drawings for Undecimals participants, based on the font and font colours used on their websites (or an estimation of what they might choose), 2016, variable edition of 13
Kormeling, John A Good Book
Kovitz, Rob Ice Fishing in Gimli: A Novel
Kovitz, Rob Room Behaviour
Kovitz, Rob Pig City Model Farm
Kovitz, Rob Excerpts from the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations
Kovitz, Rob Capital of the World
Kovitz, Rob Death Wish
Kovitz, Rob Games Oligopolists Play
Kovitz, Rob according to plan
Krause, Judith and Shelley Sopher blue transport/the insistence of green
Kreuger, Barbara and Stephen King My Pretty Pony
Kreye, Zoe Our Missing Body: Newspapers I, II, III
Kuhn, Zoe YARN
l’hirondelle, gabrielle crybaby #2
Larochelle, Marianne & Jose A. Guzman Colon Glam Gender
Latourelle/Newman FUCK
Lawrence, Katherine Split Ends
Leslie, Woody Open & Closed: A Linguistic Approach to Vegetables
Lessard, Denis La Ville interieure
Lexier, Micah 12 empty envelopes
Lexier, Micah Spot la Difference
Lexier, Micah and Maggie Groat Free 4 The Taking
Lilburn, Tim and Jan Zwicky Contemplation and Resistance: A Conversation
Lodwick, Andrew In the Midst of a Journey…
Lodwick, Andrew BOG: High art from Low Lands.
Lodwick, Andrew The Five Fingers of Artifex Stone
Lodwick, Andrew The Five Fingers of Artifex Stone
Love, Craig Stuart Noh OPENINGS SPEECHES (Edited)
Love, Craig Stuart C.M./V.L. One-hundred one-thousand five & fifty
Love, Craig Stuart A-TARTAN-NET
Love, Craig Stuart Suicide By
Love, Craig Stuart The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees, Comma
Love, Craig Stuart Camus
Love, Craig Stuart BCDJ WXYZ
Love, Craig Stuart Plus and minus word length equals
Love, Craig Stuart poisondrain
Love, Craig Stuart Measured by the length of my word
Love, Craig Stuart Plus Minus Equals Word Length
Love, Craig Stuart is a letter love work four word
Luhning, Holly Plush
MacCormack, Jessica The See
MacKenzie, Elizabeth and Jeanne Randolph The Underside of Shadows
Malika, Jamilah, Soledad Fatima Muñoz, Domunique Booker, Kiran Dhaliwal TONE
Manalieo Squirrel Girl`s Manifesto, 1-7 (missing #5)
Mantell, Suzanne A Collection of Words by J. L. Randolph
Marchand, Claire Le Miracle de Saint Norbert
Mark, Lisa Gabrielle Goose
Marlatt, Daphne and Frances Hunter Between Brush Strokes
Martin, Russ Purple City
Martinez, Monica Mercedes I Was Here
MAWA In/Versions
mays, mariianne UMBRELLA SUITES
McCallum, Marlene and Barb Hunt pink story: dextral sinistral
McCarroll, Serena All Citizens
McFadden, Kegan Bill Hiding, Elsie Looking
McFadden, Kegan he
McFadden, Kegan once a thief
McFadden, Kegan what i saw & what i did not see
McFadden, Kegan The A to Zs of You & Me
McFadden, Kegan ELSIE: a ‘zine by her grandson
McFadden, Kegan Mondo Trasho
McFadden, Kegan Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool)
McFadden, Kegan the sky twice twelve times
McFadden, Kegan, Collin Zipp, Letch Kinloch GROUP TEXT
McKay, Joe I Knew There Was a Catch
McLachlan, Sean SPAM POETRY Vol. 1
McTrowe, Mary-Anne Rhythmic Couplets (3/50)
Mehra, Divya Quit, India
Mehra, Divya Pouring Water on a Drowning Man
Mehra, Divya Enjoy Diversity
Mehra, Divya You have to tell Them, I’m not a Racist
Mehrl, C & John M. Bennett Pumped Gravel
Melnyk, Doug Doctor Meist
Melnyk, Doug The Story of Roy
Melnyk, Doug Fruits
Melnyk, Doug Naked Croquet
Melnyk, Doug Gorilla
Melnyk, Doug Larry (Calendar)
Melnyk, Doug Maya and Jacob go on a journey
Melnyk, Doug Aquarium
Melnyk, Doug Works-in-progress (Mario & Pink Panther)
Melnyk, Doug Pyjamas
Melnyk, Doug FRUITS
Melnyk, Doug & Kegan McFadden Poem (8 of 50)
Melnyk, Doug & Larry Glawson Nippon Maru (storyboard for video project)
Melnyk, Doug and Kegan McFadden Poem (21 of 50)
Mendoza, Katrina Marie Mood assembly
Mew/Lindsay/Love Spiral Love Poems A Mew Sing Drain Songs Lind Say Lye Sol
Meyer, Hazel Everybody Gets Diarrhea Sometimes
Meyer, Hazel Muscle Panic Handbook
Meyer, Hazel & Ross Gay No Pressure No Diamonds
Mills, Susan lxwxh
Mills, Susan Roland Barthes’ Mother Was a Bookbinder
Mills, Susan names for wiggles
Monkman, Ken Casualties of Modernity – Greeting Cards (set of 6)
moore, jake to sow
Morman, Megan Super Art Activity Fun Book
Muir, Hayley Dawn Wobbly Woes
Muir, Hayley Dawn growth
Muir, Hayley Dawn Squint
Multi Artist Playing Cards
Muska, Vivian, Donald Long and Paul Winchester Share Wisdom: An Anthology of Poetry
Nelson, Kristin Drag King Trading Cards
Nelson, Kristin Drag King Trading Cards (for sale – $50/set)
Nelson, Kristin and Suzie Smith Daniel MacIntyre Map of Interesting Places
Nemerofsky Ramsay, Benny Libretto
Nettles, Bea Stone Turner Thirds Card Deck
Nguyen, Nancy Creep
Norquay, S.L. Cups of Countenance
Norquay, Sara and David Townsend Mouffetard’s Week: An Unfamiliar Garden
O, Jennie Zero Zero Zero
O, Jennie The Craftastics: Agents for Social Change
Ono, Yoko Grapefruit
Onuoha, Mimi and Zara Rahman INFORM/TRANSFORM
Ott, Thomas La Douane
owens, rickie lea The Big Easy
parameter press Year 1, Fall: Craig Love / / FLAT BED
pas de chance 2000 toronto accident
Pas, Ed & Lia Pas Husk
Pas, Lia vicissitudes
Patton, Andy Gramsci’s Ashes
Peer Slowly and See Book Catalogue – established April 18, 2015
Pendzich, Lexi Agenda 2036
Peters, Corrie A Lament
Peters, Corrie All the Rooming Houses…
philips, sam cativists anonymous against captivity
Phillips, Link Mutt & Jute
Pichon, Ilana Little Box-Matches
Pike, Bev Autobiography of an Eccentric Line
Pike, Bev and Hilda Chiswell Swallowing Safety Pins
Pilis, Alexander Parallax Snacklunch
Pinhole Artist Collective Collecting Light
Pinhole Artist Collective Collecting Light
Pink Bill Bulletin Grief Silhouettes
PLATFORM Palimpsest
Plested, Lee Common Threads
Powerhouse Gallery Women’s Bookworks
Price, Rene Rene’s Red Rides
Rakowitz, Michael The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist
Randolph, Jeanne a suicide note
Randolph, Jeanne Ethics of Luxury
Randolph, Jeanne The Critical Object
Red Pencil Productions The Poetry Game
Red Star Art Adventures in Boredom (1)
Red Star Art Adventures in Boredom (2)
Reeves, Kerri-Lynn swag bag
Remanica, Andrea Mini Tattoo Book
Renegade Library Collection PIPS 2/97: Casino Box
Renegade Library Collection Angel Fragments
Renegade Library Collection With You
Renegade Library Collection Cherry Jam
Renegade Library Collection Untitled by Elaine Rounds
Renegade Library Collection Untitled by Zdenek Sima
Renegade Library Collection Mail Art
Renegade Library Collection Curios X
Renegade Library Collection Renegade Library
Renegade Library Collection Pig & Stone
Renegade Library Collection ZOOM
Renegade Library Collection Le Tembre Frapperas
Renegade Library Collection Untitled by David Harris
Renegade Library Collection Kiss My Corporate Logo!
Renegade Library Collection Draw
Renegade Library Collection LL’s Little Book of Rules
Renegade Library Collection Don’t Erase Me
Renegade Library Collection Books on Fire: the documentation of the Renegade Library
Renegade Library Collection Postfluxusbooklet NR.24: The “Language of Influence”
Renegade Library Collection Postfluxusbooklet NR.37: “Postnightly”
Renegade Library Collection Visual Delight v Visual Disaster
Renegade Library Collection Guano With Care
Renegade Library Collection Hetspannende Boek International (10CI 2000 – 23 VIII 2000)
Renegade Library Collection |…A new surprise…for our readers!” 3rd International Artists’ Book Exhibitions
Renegade Library Collection An Enchiridion for the New Year
RHC – Aimee & Cara Radical Cheerleader Handbook
Ridley, Sandra & Eric Slankis Lift
rip/torn issue 3, spring/summer 2014 – 1 library copy, 3 to give away
Risk, Jasmin <<er>>
Roberts, Andrea Helpful Things
Roberts, Andrea The Case for a Name
Rose, Dawna Smoking With My Mother
Rotten Variety Is this yours? 18/20
Rounds, Elaine Fruit Prints
Rounds, Elaine Timeless…
Rounds, Elaine World Water Day 2014
Rounds, Elaine Frogwatching
Rounds, Elaine [Trees]
Rowley, Mari-Lou & Robert McNealy COSMOSONNETS
Rubin-Kunda, Lezli Backyard with Olive Grove
Ruri Time-Telling
Sappho Zine Collective Issues 4-7
Scott Harris, Maureen, Kelley Aitken, Isabel Stukator The Raven and the Writing Desk
Serrano, Sergio Enrique José Vasconcelos: The Cosmic Race
Serrano, Sergio Enrique BABBLE BABBLE or the Bad Translator
Shedden, Jim, Robyn Lew and Alana Traficane Connective Tissue
Siepser, Claire Lies We Told Our Parents
Smailbegovic, Ada & Tiziana La Melia avowal of what is here
Smith, Alicia I Fear For You
Smith, Alicia Please Call Very Sentimental
Smith, Alicia and Darren Stebeleski Here is Where
Smith, Suzie Fill in the Speech Bubbles (72/78)
Somerset, Angela at the end of my rope: breathing room
Strange, Debbie Riding Mountain Haiku
Streifler, Leesa Normal
Streifler, Leesa and Jeanne Randolph kin
Subotincic, Natalija Never Speak With Your Mouth Full
Swede, George Flaking Paint
Tam, Ho The Yellow Pages
Tam, Ho Idol Worship
Tam, Ho hotam #1: A Brief History of Me
Tam, Ho hotam #4: FINE CHINA
Tam, Ho POSER 2
Tam, Ho POSER 3
Theis, Leona The Occupations of Muriel Thompson
Thorneycroft, Diana & Michael Boss The Talking Crow
Townsend, David and Sara Norquay The Equinox Arcana
Trussler, Michael A Homemade Life
Turcot and Turner BEING RICH
unknown lightbulb on cover – no title
unknown Night Life
unknown over 3000 friends to play with
unknown Canadian Pacific
unknown Pigs
Various Free Coffee 2014 (2 copies)
Various Crows
Various Winnipeg Telephone (Artist) Book
Various Arctic Comics
Various Bode Sound Project
Various The Library Project
Vaughn, Jon (Curator) Realms
Vermette, Katharena (Curator) Whatever Else
virant, christiaan and zhang jian fm3 – buddha machine
Virgo, Sean nonagon fugue
Virgo, Sean Eggs in a Field
Weaving Jil P. No/body in Evidence
Weidenhammer, Lori After-Dinner Saints
Westhead, Jessica Poetry winner
Westhead, Jessica Poetry winner II
Whippersnapper Gallery Burn Your Nostalgia
Williams, Jody Sand-Sea-Sky
Wilson, Michelle A Tale of Two
Wilson, Paul When Seeing Fails
Winnipeg Tarot Co. Tarot Deck
Winnipeg Tarot Co. Tarot Deck
Wonfor, Sophie Feels so at home, not here edition 4/4
wonfor, sophie Summer Sometimes
Wright, Alexa A View From Inside (2 copies)
Yuen, Marlene Jumbo’s Cabin
YYZ Books Artist-run culture tote
Zipp, Collin Videotape
Zipp, Collin Selected Text edition 1/50
Zola Love The Kill Chapter 7
Virtual Postcards from the Feminist Utopia
YOU & me, collaborations in MAIL ART
A Relatively Small Collection: exhibition and lending library of audio cassette work presented by Ace Art Inc.
Genderbent #1-3
trans zine #1-3
The Bookmobile Book
Winnipeg Dyke March Zine 2015
American Artists’ Books in Europe, 1960-2000