Launch: New artist books by August, Cenerini, Doucet

Friday, September 14, 7-10pm at 121-100 Arthur Street (PLATFORM Centre)

Please join us for the launch of three new bookworks created through Also As Well Too’s Artist Book Creation & Mentorship Program. This program spurs artist book creation by artists who have never explored bookworks in their practice. For the past year, Winnipeg artists Ian August, Yvette Cenerini, and Hannah Doucet have been investigating the possibilities of form and concept with mentors Steven Leyden Cochrane, Suzie Smith, and Kristin Nelson. The resultant artist books will be on display for the evening of the launch. Full information about each work is below. Artists will be in attendance.

This project has been generously funded by the Manitoba Arts Council.


by Ian August
40 pages, full colour
Soft cover (perfect binding)
Edition of 100
$5 per book
8.25″ x  8.25″

The National Museum in Baghdad, Iraq, was looted for a 36 hour period starting April 10th 2003

It is not clear how many artifacts were taken, which artifacts were taken, or where they may be in the world

PLUNDER DUPES 3D is attentive to these concerns

Ian August is an artist based in Winnipeg. August’s work is focused on the dialogue between painting and sculpture, often using the construction of structures and models within his painting process. His recent project titled PLUNDER DUPES is an effort to identify and create replicas of the 8000 Mesopotamian artifacts looted from the Baghdad Museum during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The duplicated relics are constructed from found items and scraps then used as source material for a series of oil paintings on canvas. The replicas are also being scanned using 3D software and the files will soon be made available for free download online.

August received his MFA from York University, and his BFA, honours from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. His work has been the subject of many solo exhibitions, including Plunder Dupes, Actual Gallery, Winnipeg; and Re: Build Them, Gallery 1C03, Winnipeg. His work has also been included in numerous group exhibitions.


Chimpanzee’s Tea Party (Rastus at London Zoo)

by Yvette Cenerini
9-page book in frame
Digital prints on 4 layers of Mylar and 5 layers of paper)

Rastus at London Zoo (Chimpanzee Tea Party) is a malleable book. With pages that can be ordered and disordered according to one’s will, the book allows for a reversal of roles, empowering the reader to become composer.  This process is meant to encourage independent thought about how individual book elements interact with one other and about what can be represented by each of the seemingly endless possible combinations. Unlike a typical book, which is static and unidirectional, the story here varies and evolves in relation to the reader’s notions of displacement, captivity, ethics and hierarchy.

Yvette Cenerini is a Winnipeg based Franco-Manitoban visual artist. She studied psychology, zoology and education before obtaining her BFA from the University of Manitoba in 2010. The complexities and intimacies of interspecies relationships has been a recurring theme in all of her work. Cenerini has exhibited in Ottawa, Montréal and throughout the Province of Manitoba and has received grants from both the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council.
head-3 opt2


by Hannah Doucet
Plastic inflatable
Edition of 3



Three images, skins, folded and empty of breath.

Through the effects of pharmaceutical steroids my body ballooned before my eyes. I anxiously anticipated, wondering when my body would deflate. But we can never really revert back to the before. We just gradually abstract, shifting away from the original source. How do I reconcile my body’s relationships to its images? As my body shifts and expands can my image as well?

A collective gesture of activation. The images fluctuate through varied states of inflation.  Who holds control in this action? 

Hannah Doucet is an artist, organizer and arts educator from Winnipeg, Canada. She received her BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2015. Hannah has exhibited across Canada, with recent exhibitions at Duplex (Vancouver), PLATFORM (Winnipeg), Gallery 44 (Toronto) and The New Gallery (Calgary). In 2017 she completed a residency as part the Banff Centre for Art and Creativity’s Visual + Digital Emerging BAiR Program as well as a six week residency as Mikw Chiyâm’s artist in residence at Wiinibekuu high school in Waskaganish, QC. She is a co-founder of Flux Gallery and co-founder and active member of Blinkers Art and Project Space.


Book Retort with hannah_g

Thursday, April 5, 8pm at Also As Well Too, 460 Portage Avenue, 2nd floor (Straight ahead off the elevator)

Please join us for a Book Retort by hannah_g, for which she will read an original poem called ‘Reading & Talking’.

Book Retort is an ongoing series at Also As Well Too that invites artists and writers to use performance, discussion, lecture, display, or any other engagement they would like in order to illuminate artist books in the Library’s collection and elsewhere.

hannah_g is a writer and artist.

self portrait

Also As Well Too is an accessible space that can be found by taking the elevator to the second floor of the Buhler Building, moving straight ahead, and then veering slightly right.

Book Retort with Christina Hajjar

Tuesday, January 23, 7-8pm

Through a diasporic lens, Christina Hajjar will take up several artist books to consider themes of home, time, memory, and ritual. She asks, “what does it mean to be/feel at home?,” as she engages with the intimacies, situatedness, and use of longing in each work. Join us for a talk, a cup of rose tea, and a low-pressure activity!

Artist Books & Multiples:

“Galaxies of Pleasure Galaxies of Healing” by Carmella Farahbakhsh

“I was here” by Monica Mercedes Martinez

“Institute for Durational Futures: brought to you by ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY” by Desearch Repartment

summer sometimes by sophie wonfor

Collecting Light by the Pinhole Artist Collective

Flowers and their meanings by Karen Azoulay

Christina Hajjar is a first-generation Lebanese-Canadian queer femme emerging artist, writer, and organizer. She currently attends aceartinc’s Cartae Open School, co-edits Whiny Femmes, and sits on programming committees at Flux Gallery and MAWA. She has recently completed undergrads in Women’s and Gender Studies as well as Business and Administration.

Photo cred:
Christina Hajjar, preserve/decay, performance, 2017. Photo by Carmen Aleman.

Also As Well Too is an accessible space that can be found by going to the second floor of the Buhler Building, moving straight ahead, and then veering slightly right.

Winnipeg Contemporary Poetry Reading Group

Friday, January 2, 1:30-3:30pm at Also As Well Too, 460 Portage Avenue, 2nd floor (Straight ahead and slightly to the right off the elevator)








We are excited to welcome anyone and everyone to join us for a meeting and reading being held by the Winnipeg Contemporary Poetry Reading Group (CPRG) at Also As Well Too.

The CPRG aims to provide public opportunities to poetry-lovers to read and discuss more of the poetry that is going on out in the world, be it contemporary or classic, from emerging or established poets. A different collection of poetry is chosen each week. We spend about an hour reading a collection out loud and use the remaining time to discuss the text together. No preparation required – just join us, pass the book, and engage your poetry brain.

Meetings generally run for two hours, though we are under no time constraints, so come and go as you please. There may be only one copy of a book so be prepared to share.

Book Retort with sophia bartholomew

Saturday, December 16, 2pm at Also As Well Too, 460 Portage Avenue, 2nd floor (Straight ahead off the elevator)

Please join us for some air and a cup of tea and the latest instalment of Also As Well Too’s serial project Book Retort. This rotating guest-lecture/performance emphasizes an engagement with the artist book and our Library.

Working from 20 written dances found in the book “8 DAYS III / BANANAPANDA”, sophia bartholomew will deliver a performative response to spills, leakages, boundaries and contaminations — moving between Elizabeth MacKenzie and Jeanne Randolph’s book “The Underside of Shadows”, Amanda Earl’s poem “WELCOME TO EARTH”, Femmes Unite! a zine produced by F.A.G PDX, and “WHINY FEMMES” a zine launched in Winnipeg this past October, edited by Christina Hajjar & Jules Hardy.

sophia bartholomew is an interdisciplinary artist whose current projects are grounded in collaborative work with rudi aker, Emma Hicks, and with their maternal grandmother, Klara. This month they are completing a residency at Platform centre for photographic + digital arts, supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board and Manitoba Arts Council’s creative residency exchange.

Book Retort with Noor Bhangu

Saturday, December 9, 7pm at Also As Well Too, 460 Portage Avenue, 2nd floor (Straight ahead off the elevator)

Please join us for the latest installment of Also As Well Too’s serial project Book Retort (originally titled There’s Something I Want to Tell You…). This rotating guest-lecture emphasizes an engagement with the artist book and our library.

We are so excited to have Noor Bhangu deliver a response on the topic of postcolonial networks and networking. Noor has selected a series of artist books from the Library to discuss how colonization affected the various cultures the artists are located in but also how it formed a commonwealth network that now lets them dialogue and build community together.

Noor Bhangu recently completed her M.A. in Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices at the University of Winnipeg, with a focus on South Asian and diasporic contemporary art. She is currently an emerging curator based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Artist book launch: Timiw by Becca Taylor

We are so excited to announce the launch of the newest artist book from Also As Well Too Press! Please join us to celebrate the creation of Timiw by Becca Taylor.

Thursday, April 6, 7pm
753 Wall Street, Winnipeg
The artist will be present and will do a short reading and say a few words at 8pm.

Timiw is a small collection of words, composing narratives of moments and family ties that inform identity in the exploration of my Cree heritage and womanhood. Using the memories, struggles and sacred moments of time-shared, language and materiality to recreate moments that’s became defining in the understanding of who I am as a Urban Indigenous Women and the generational knowledge learnt that I carry with me every day.”

Created with generous support from Manitoba Arts Council

Becca Taylor is a multi-disciplinary artist, youth coordinator and curator of Cree, Scottish and Irish decent. Her practice involves investigations of Indigenous feminisms and forms of community building through various mediums including textiles, beading and installation. Taylor is a member of the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, based out of Edmonton, and holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design.


Winnipeg Telephone (Artist) Book Celebration and Launch

We are officially launching the Winnipeg Telephone (Artist) Book! Please join us to celebrate the fantastic artists who participated and the fun artwork that resulted. The book will be available for purchase ($25).

611 Main Street, Winnipeg*
April 28, 7-11pm
*This is an accessible venue

This book is a visual version of the childhood game of Telephone, where someone comes up with a saying and, as it is whispered in each successive person’s ear, the message changes and the original meaning distorts. With each of the 75 Winnipeg artists getting three days for their turn, this book acts (just like a phone book from any given year) as a snapshot of the Winnipeg arts scene at this moment in time.

Participating artists:
Karen Asher, Ian August, Natalie Baird, Ted Barker, tamara rae biebrich, Irene Bindi, Lindsey Bond, Kelsey Braun, cam bush, Yvette Fiola Cenerini, Susan Chafe, Connie Chappel, Sarah Ciurysek, Steven Leyden Cochrane, Aston Coles, Sarah Crawley, Roewan Crowe, Chantal Dupas, Aganetha Dyck, Richard Dyck, Neil Peter Dyck, William Eakin, Heidi Eigenkind, hannah_g, Ashley Gillanders, Ming Hon, Takashi Iwasaki, Glen Johnson, Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Lindsay Joy, Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline, Val Klassen, Dana Kletke, Heather Komus, Rob Kovitz, Megan Krause, Colleen Leduc, Erika Lincoln, Andrew Lodwick, Jenny Loewen, Craig Stuart Love, Mandy Malazdrewich, Monica Martinez, Kegan McFadden, Sean McLachlan, Divya Mehra, Doug Melnyk, Bernie Miller, Andrew John Milne, Shaun Morin, Kristin Nelson, Mark Neufeld, Freya Björg Olafson, Corrie Peters, Tracy Peters, Bev Pike, Praba Pilar, Jeanne Randolph, Willow Rector, Andrea Roberts, Paul Robles, Melanie Rocan, Kelly Ruth, Tim Schouten, Gurpreet Sehra, Theo Sims, Suzie Smith, Sheila Spence, Reva Stone, Rob Taite, Becca Taylor, Tricia Wasney, Michelle Wilson, Lisa Wood, Collin Zipp

There’s Something I Want to Tell You

Thursday, December 15, 7pm at PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts, 100 Arthur Street

Also As Well Too presents its new serial project, There’s Something I Want to Tell You…, a rotating guest-lecture that emphasizes an engagement with the artist book and our library. The premier guest-lecture will be delivered by Kegan McFadden on the topic of Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam. This talk is co-presented by Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, where Ho Tam’s solo exhibition, Cover to Cover, is currently being shown.

McFadden tell us:
The talk will be about the artist Ho Tam and his recent book, Ghost Image, through which he collects photographs and documents of his lover Kirby who died of an AIDS-related illness in the mid-90s. Ho titled the project after his favourite author, Hervé Guibert, another artist who died in 1991 from AIDS-related causes. I plan to read an excerpt from the Guibert book as well as analyze Ho’s approach to dealing with the material left after Kirby’s death. I will talk about stories, I will talk about influence, and I will talk about how these two fleeting things can be made material.

About the presenter:
Kegan McFadden’s projects, which take the shape of publications, exhibitions, performances, and artworks, embody a theory of thinking through history. He animates his archival research with an emphasis on the anecdotal, and is particularly interested in locating networks of activity that have gone unacknowledged.

Image: Ho Tam, from his bookwork Ghost Image