Call to Artists:
Artist Book Mentorship & Creation Program

Also As Well Too invites applications to the Artist Book Mentorship & Creation Program. This program was created to spur artist book creation by artists who have never explored bookworks in their practice.

Three artists will be selected for this year-long program. Selected artists will be connected with an artist book mentor whose knowledge and experience with bookworks will help expand understanding of the possibilities for creation in the wide genre of artist books and multiples. The artists will meet with their mentor throughout the year. The group will also meet periodically to talk about their progress and gain insight from each other’s process. Discussion surrounds concept, format, material, and metaphor specific to the idea the artist has proposed for the project. Mentors introduce the artists to compelling and creative examples of artist books, from codex to sculptural to digital. Through these discussions and their process, artists develop a unique final artwork in the genre of the artist book that will be launched through Also As Well Too Press and exist in the Also As Well Too artist book library.

Selected artists will receive an $800 fee for their participation and an additional $800 towards production of their bookwork.

Winnipeg-based artists at any stage in their career are welcome to apply but should not have previously explored bookworks in their practice. We welcome applicants who have exhibited their artwork locally and beyond and who have developed strong bodies of work that resonate a variety of approaches and concerns. This program is not currently open to students.

The Artist Book Mentorship & Creation Program is made possible by the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council.

To apply:

Please send the following in an application package to by 11:59pm Sunday, October 14:

  • Short description of your practice (not more than a couple of paragraphs)
  • Short description of a concept you would like to work with (not more than a couple of paragraphs). This should focus only on the ideas you’d like to explore. Your expectation for the final form of the bookwork should remain totally open.
  • Up to 5 samples of artworks and/or writing (excerpts accepted)
  • CV