Launch: New artist books by August, Cenerini, Doucet

Friday, September 14, 7-10pm at 121-100 Arthur Street (PLATFORM Centre)

Please join us for the launch of three new bookworks created through Also As Well Too’s Artist Book Creation & Mentorship Program. This program spurs artist book creation by artists who have never explored bookworks in their practice. For the past year, Winnipeg artists Ian August, Yvette Cenerini, and Hannah Doucet have been investigating the possibilities of form and concept with mentors Steven Leyden Cochrane, Suzie Smith, and Kristin Nelson. The resultant artist books will be on display for the evening of the launch. Full information about each work is below. Artists will be in attendance.

This project has been generously funded by the Manitoba Arts Council.


by Ian August
40 pages, full colour
Soft cover (perfect binding)
Edition of 100
$5 per book
8.25″ x  8.25″

The National Museum in Baghdad, Iraq, was looted for a 36 hour period starting April 10th 2003

It is not clear how many artifacts were taken, which artifacts were taken, or where they may be in the world

PLUNDER DUPES 3D is attentive to these concerns

Ian August is an artist based in Winnipeg. August’s work is focused on the dialogue between painting and sculpture, often using the construction of structures and models within his painting process. His recent project titled PLUNDER DUPES is an effort to identify and create replicas of the 8000 Mesopotamian artifacts looted from the Baghdad Museum during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The duplicated relics are constructed from found items and scraps then used as source material for a series of oil paintings on canvas. The replicas are also being scanned using 3D software and the files will soon be made available for free download online.

August received his MFA from York University, and his BFA, honours from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. His work has been the subject of many solo exhibitions, including Plunder Dupes, Actual Gallery, Winnipeg; and Re: Build Them, Gallery 1C03, Winnipeg. His work has also been included in numerous group exhibitions.


Chimpanzee’s Tea Party (Rastus at London Zoo)

by Yvette Cenerini
9-page book in frame
Digital prints on 4 layers of Mylar and 5 layers of paper)

Rastus at London Zoo (Chimpanzee Tea Party) is a malleable book. With pages that can be ordered and disordered according to one’s will, the book allows for a reversal of roles, empowering the reader to become composer.  This process is meant to encourage independent thought about how individual book elements interact with one other and about what can be represented by each of the seemingly endless possible combinations. Unlike a typical book, which is static and unidirectional, the story here varies and evolves in relation to the reader’s notions of displacement, captivity, ethics and hierarchy.

Yvette Cenerini is a Winnipeg based Franco-Manitoban visual artist. She studied psychology, zoology and education before obtaining her BFA from the University of Manitoba in 2010. The complexities and intimacies of interspecies relationships has been a recurring theme in all of her work. Cenerini has exhibited in Ottawa, Montréal and throughout the Province of Manitoba and has received grants from both the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council.
head-3 opt2


by Hannah Doucet
Plastic inflatable
Edition of 3



Three images, skins, folded and empty of breath.

Through the effects of pharmaceutical steroids my body ballooned before my eyes. I anxiously anticipated, wondering when my body would deflate. But we can never really revert back to the before. We just gradually abstract, shifting away from the original source. How do I reconcile my body’s relationships to its images? As my body shifts and expands can my image as well?

A collective gesture of activation. The images fluctuate through varied states of inflation.  Who holds control in this action? 

Hannah Doucet is an artist, organizer and arts educator from Winnipeg, Canada. She received her BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2015. Hannah has exhibited across Canada, with recent exhibitions at Duplex (Vancouver), PLATFORM (Winnipeg), Gallery 44 (Toronto) and The New Gallery (Calgary). In 2017 she completed a residency as part the Banff Centre for Art and Creativity’s Visual + Digital Emerging BAiR Program as well as a six week residency as Mikw Chiyâm’s artist in residence at Wiinibekuu high school in Waskaganish, QC. She is a co-founder of Flux Gallery and co-founder and active member of Blinkers Art and Project Space.


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